Manufacturing of EMS-equipment

Since 2013, Body Forming is the official dealer of the German manufacturer of EMS equipment. In the process of implementing the equipment, the company has identified problems in the operation and results of customer/patient actions on imported devices. The company management has set the task to create a new version of EMS equipment.. To achieve these goals, a team of specialists in the fields of REA, metal processing, work with plastics and rubber products, rehabilitation was formed. The team provided tasks at all stages of the organization of the process: idea, baseline data collection, design, technological processes, prototype creation, testing. In 2018, the prototype was created. Testing has been carried out in relevant research laboratories (medical, chemical, environmental, technical). According to the results, positive conclusions of experts were obtained. From the end of 2018 till now the company manufactures and sells equipment of its own production.

In the process of organizing the design and production of equipment, a patent for the invention was obtained and equipment was certified. Equipment presentation facilities and production facilities are located in Ukraine. Thus the management of the company attracts domestic specialists, provides jobs. Own production – control over the quality of equipment, as well as competitive prices (1.5-2.5 times cheaper than foreign counterparts). In this case, the quality of the equipment, its functional characteristics and capabilities, form, range of application fully meet the world requirements.

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Comparison optionsBody FormingLoncegoMiha BodytecX-body
Composition of componentsHigh quality materials of all components of the device (gold-plated connectors, designed for 10 thousand inclusions, isolated electrodes).The main components (connectors, plugs) are plastic (fragile). The electrodes are poorly protected, which contributes to their rapid oxidation and frequent wear.A Chinese-made tablet is used
Comfort in using suits for procedures (vests, overlays)Convenient ergonomic workout suits that don’t need to be wetIrrational costumes (many individual details) that need to be wetted with water before each workout.Incorrect impulse.Irational costume that needs to be wetted with water. Permanent supplies.
Impulse qualityThe pulse is identical to the physiological one, which is ISO 13485 certified in Ukraine.Impulse identical physiological confirming ISO 13485 and RU RoszdravnadzorUnstable impulse.Incorrect impulse.
Flexibility of equipment settingsRemovable wireless control panel, fine-tuning that can be changed as the program progresses.Built-in, immaculate control panel, less flexible settings.Touch panel: no subtle differentiation of pulse force.
Coverage of muscle groupsRemovable electrodes adapted for any muscle group, covering all the muscle bundle.Low electrode area, spot impact.The electrodes must be wetted: quickly fail; unpleasant smell.
Safety and reliability of useEU and Ukraine Certificates of Conformity, RU № РЗН 2015/2450 dated March 17, 2017.EU and RF Certificates of Conformity, RU № RZN 2015/2450 of February 27, 2015.EU certificates
Number of channels12 and a fiber optic distributor8109
Warranty period2 years2 years2 years
Country of productionUkraine, under licenseGermanyGermany
Price6000-9000 Euro, no supplies available14000 EuroFrom 15000 Euro + annual costs 3000-5000 Euro for replacement of failed electrodesFrom 17000 Euro

Photo of EMS-equipment

Video of EMS-equipment production