BODY FORMING EMS Training Franchise:

BODY FORMING EMS Training Franchise: Ready-made beauty and health business with EU-certified (ISO13485) Body forming equipment:

Support, assistance with franchise management and service throughout the life of the center

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Launch in 1-2 months
This concept allows you to open a BODY FORMING center and start earning money very quickly with minimal risk.

Payback 3-8 months:
The average net profit of the studio is from 100,000 to 250,000 UAH per month

Reliable EMS equipment with proven efficiency and safety (ISO 13485) from an official manufacturer’s representative in Ukraine

Customer Flow Before Collaboration:
posting full contact information on BODY FORMING, regular posts on all social networks, online advertising campaigns

BODY FORMING is a network of unique sports and wellness centers offering innovative and effective methods of maintaining beauty and health.

The high efficiency of the method is due to the synchronization of the CNS-generating pulses with the impulses that go from the EMS equipment to the muscles, causing a synergy effect.

The 30-40 minute exercise using BODY FORMING EMC equipment without load on the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system can be compared to the efficiency of 4-5 hours of intense workout in a regular gym.

Activities are suitable for people of all ages and all types of fitness.

Why more than 40 franchisees work with us – they have already paid off their investment and are profitable
The choice of location, team, campaign built are of utmost importance in the success of this business, but the key factor is reliable equipment and training methods

“Body Forming” offers the best EMS equipment and unique training techniques. The combination of these two factors is the key to success in starting an EMS-studio.

Body Forming EMS-simulators from the exclusive manufacturer

You should not worry if the equipment fails, we will be able to offer you a solution during repair.

The franchisee purchases the equipment and its accessories at a discount price.

Guarantee of quality, durability and reliability of the device used.

The effectiveness and safety of the “Body forming” equipment are certified by EU certificate (13485). The impulse generated by the apparatus is as close as possible to the physiological impulse of the brain supplied to the muscles. .

The ability to individually build each workout of 40 built-in programs of the author’s technique (patent №018-006979), taking into account the state of health, sports training and client’s goals. Training suits cover the whole size range from 38 to 64 sizes, fit the features of the figure and the task of training

Open Body-Center – 50 sqm

Open Body-Station – 30 sqm


Who Will Suit the “Body Forming” Franchise

“Body Forming”-Center
Thinking about starting your own business? We offer a proven model of innovative, cost-effective, fast-paced, low-risk businesses.

“Body Forming” Station
If you are working in the field of beauty and health and want to expand the range of services with indisputable competitive advantages, attract new clients, get the tool of guaranteed modeling of the “custom” figure, we have what you are looking for.

“Body Forming”-Mobile
If you work in the field of beauty and health, have “your” clients and want to earn money without renting and maintaining an office, we will offer a universal business model.


You’ve been making money since the first month
Starting investment: from 300 000 UAH.
Payback period: from 3 months
Turnover per month: from 100 000 UAH.
Royalty: 5000 – 10000 UAH. Depending on the region.
Lump sum (first) contribution: 140 000 UAH.

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